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Friday, July 24, 2015

OOTD: Nothing but blue skies

The lovely backdrop in today's OOTD is Central Park in Joondalup, Perth. Gorgeous spot in winter!
Photos by Reg Vardy.
Perth's mild winter weather this year hasn't exactly been suited to heavy winter woolies. But that hasn't stopped me from hunting for unique and mildly-wintery pieces in op shops around the city. So... dress + a cute print = a true any-season essential. The equation's a no-brainer, really, but the pattern in question is definitely creative. I've seen a ton of dresses blanketed in some of our finer feathered friends. So whether you're an avian enthusiast, or simply in the market for a kitschy-cool look, this outfit has winter written all over it. 

While most of the choices you find on the shelf today will suit the summer season, I've found you can always team the look with cosy layers for a perfect transitional update. Keep an eye on the blog for a new outfit with that in mind! Some of the vibrant bird motifs I've seen include owls, black bird silhouettes and canaries. Going on my best guess, these might be pink galahs. Orrrrrrr, they're just pretty birds. I'm happy either way. Birds can add an enchanting and sophisticated appeal to an outfit. Hopefully today's OOTD will give you some pretty and feminine ideas for your next look.

How do you incorporate prints into your winter look? Have you found a new love this season?

Today's look:
Bird dress - Save the Children - $4
Tights - My own 
Boots - Girl Express (Mentioned these in a recent flatlay post) - $2.25
Blue cardigan - Salvos - $2.25
Floral ring - Salvos - $3.25

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