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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Thrifty finds: Life is too short to wear boring jewellery

Let's kick it off with the one thing girls generally can't resist - a nice necklace! If there's one thing you should never miss in secondhand shops, it's the jewellery rack. I couldn't resist snapping up these gorgeous vintage-style pieces in Perth - especially because the prices were so good. Quirky pieces like these are usually buried in packed racks of other donated jewels. And as we all know, necklace chains have this insatiable urge to tangle themselves into the most crazy mess with other pieces. Sometimes I think the stores hide the best finds at the back - it's certainly how I've found most of my thrifted jewels. 

So be patient, it's worth the wait. Dig deep <3

These pieces represent a few loves of mine. The first pendant was just sparkly enough to grab my attention. It's a statement piece but isn't too over the top. I've had it a few weeks now. The first time I wore it out was on top of a mustard coloured blouse and I received a stack of compliments. Plus, who can go past the heart shape?

I love natural textures, so the wooden beaded necklace was a bit of a steal. It's a shorter necklace that sits high up, so looks great with high-necked blouses or plain dresses. I love that you can roll the beads around - it's a really fun one.

Lastly, another addition to my Tree of Life necklace collection (and more on that later too!) was the final necklace. I loved the colours and the vintage look. Because I wear a lot of plain colours it's nice to have a few statement pieces to change the look.

Have you found a favourite necklace in a secondhand shop? 

The low-down:
Heart necklace - Whitford Salvos - $2.25
Wooden beaded necklace - Vinnies Retro Northbridge Shop, Perth - $4
Tree of Life necklace - Vinnies Innaloo - $3.25

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