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Friday, August 07, 2015

Flatlay: 50 shades of crimson

Growing up with ginger locks, there are certain things you'll hear a lot: "Are you on fire?" for instance. "Carrot top," "Annie..." The list is endless. And yet, something seemingly innocuous: "Redheads cannot wear red" stuck hard and fast for a few years. The premise that redheads shouldn't be wearing red was drilled into me by strangers. What was I thinking? It may not be my first go-to colour, but it's one we of the titian variety should be embracing!

There's no reason whatsoever not to go completely wild with reds. The deeper and richer the colour the better, but playing with different tones is a must! There's a reason my auburn locks fit with my naturally pale skin tone. Red fabric does too. It has been scientifically proven that seeing the colour red increases a viewer's metabolism, heart rate and respiration. So, to all you lovely redheads out there, be proud of your colour and play it up all you can. Wear redhead friendly colours that complement your scarlet tresses. 

I love this handmade dress I scored at the Salvos. It's the perfect blend of a-little-bit-retro and romanticism in one. It cinches at the waist and is so comfortable to wear. This week I paired it with that deep red cashmere knit and some skin coloured tights for an evening. The sunnies will be great for summer, but they've been carrying me through some of Perth's sunnier winter days too. Some great op shopping bargains here! How do you feel about wearing red?

The look:
Apple and Bee purse - Good Sammys - $3
Truworths tooled leather handbag - Salvos - $3.25
Heine red cashmere knit - Salvos - $1.25
Handmade polka dot dress - Salvos - $4.25
Love Tree red blouse - Save the Children - $1.50
Striped singlet - Salvos - $2.25
Heart sunnies - Salvos - 50 cents
Owl ring - Good Sammys - $2.25
Cellini Sport purse - Salvos - $2.50

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