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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Flatlay: Pairing together neutral shades for winter

I love the neutral colour palette in today's flatlay. There's something about this combination which feels beautiful and romantic. We've had a few very cool, wet days in Perth this week - it seems like we're finally getting a hint of winter on the west coast. That's cool, winter. It's only the end of July, no pressure. That in mind, I haven't been in the mood for bright colours this week, so I've been working with some of these cooler neutral colours. They're basics that go with just about anything. Think browns, greys, black, white, beige, etc.

In general, I think neutrals can convey an air of sophistication and elegance. That being said, they can become boring if used exclusively, or if they're untempered by other types of visual interest  (things like texture, detail or even silhouette). These pieces were an easy pick because they're happily layered with other colours and I've been able to pair them with leggings / tights, depending on the weather of the day. I find that the more neutrals you incorporate in your day-to-day wear, the easier it is to build outfits from only a few pieces. A colour combination that I've been loving this winter has been soft pink and grey - it's a beautiful pairing.

For me, the colours in this flatlay conjure images of cozying up in a log cabin on a soft rug, warmed by a roaring fire. But that's just my overactive imagination (and totally wishful thinking!) How about you?

The look:
Jane Debster pink heels - Vinnies - $4
Novo flats (new with tags) - Salvos - $4
Flower tunic - Salvos - $2.25
Evolve bird top - Salvos - $3.25
Cellini Sport handbag - Salvos - $4 (Total score, it was new! These things retail over $100 at Myer / David Jones today)
Rose necklace - Vinnies - 50 cents
Sportsgirl floral skirt - Vinnies - $1.25
Picnic brown top - Save the Children - $1.50

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